WhiteBox v0.89

WhiteBox v0.89.0


  • Add access to all global symbols (functions, variables) from the function caller
    • call setup/utility functions
    • initialize globals
    • call functions that in turn call the function you’re inspecting, (e.g. just call main();)
  • Interactive help mode (ctrl+F1) - hover over GUI elements to see what they do. The information in these will be improved and expanded in coming releases.
  • Menu options to pause/reset the internal compiler


  • Feature flags now available from the menu as well as from the command line
  • New folder layout with single launcher to better handle user data across multiple versions while remaining portable. Launcher selects the executable with the highest version
  • Scope bars made more visible
  • New error handling system gracefully handles and reports many more issues (not yet fully incorporated)
  • Address space for user executables tentatively expanded to 64GiB to account for large static data. Dynamically allocated data has no WhiteBox-imposed limit.
  • Timeline can be zoomed and scrolled without the WhiteBox app having focus (currently Windows-only)


  • Add Visual Studio 2022 (API is different from earlier editions)
  • Sublime: add commands to command palette


  • Opening readme no longer blocks the main UI
  • Text input undo histories are now separated for different functions’ callers
  • Cursor highlights no longer shown when file is unsaved
  • Keyboard shortcuts without mod were triggering when mod keys held down
  • Clearing your code file no longer causes an error
  • (lots of errors now reported rather than assertedcrashed on)
  • Minor bug fixes…


whitebox-win-linux-v0.89.0.zip 63 MB
Version v0.89.0 May 14, 2022

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