WhiteBox v0.96

WhiteBox v0.96.0 has just been released!

The most obvious new features are in how it handles compiler flags, but there are major improvements and/or fixes to breaking issues in just about every part of the program.

WhiteBox v0.96.0

General UX improvements

  • Disable WhiteBox flags via the command-line with -no-
  • Help > Bug report auto-fills system details for GitHub Issue form
  • Tooltips: fade-in & additional help
  • Open installation folders directly from the welcome screen
  • Restore previous window position
  • Fix spamming error messages
  • Fix assert from off-screen child window

Build/Run improvements

  • Better diagnostics when functions/symbols can’t be compiled/found
  • Catch abort in user code
  • Fix dylib functions on Linux causing SEGV_MAPERR when called over multiple runs
  • Fix subsequent edits failing to run on Linux
  • Handle 0-length, unspecified-length, and “VLA” arrays
  • Suppress Windows popup on user code asserts

Compiler preferences

  • Compiler flags are now normal clang flags instead of -cc1 driver flags
  • Add multiple profiles of different groups of compiler preferences
  • Flags treated as if on the command line, instead of “1-per-line”
  • Flag line comments
  • Args groups can be disabled
  • Resize arg input boxes
  • Automatic rerun after changing arguments
  • Fix DLL & object paths not getting saved to the database
  • Fix DLL path crash
  • Keep tabs always-visible

Function caller

  • Disable/clear the function caller when the referred-to function is no longer present

Black Box

  • Simplify “change” numbers
  • Show available data after runs that exit-early
  • Fix all black box vars being selected at once
  • Fix crash on expanding black box vars
  • Fix expanded/array view of returned pointers showing repeated value


  • Right-click menu now works on timeline as well as Data tree
  • Desaturate <NO DATA> bars
  • Reduce scroll-drift when zooming in/out
  • Red bar after runs that exit-early


  • Fix Visual Studio 2022 install & connect
  • Fix initialisation on Fedora
  • Allow for multiple localhost sockets

Thanks to fafok29, HAT, wetSlug, shiv45, flysand and others for their detailed bug reports


whitebox-win-linux-v0.96.0.zip 69 MB
Version v0.96.0 Aug 28, 2022

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