WhiteBox v0.99.0

See the devlog for the latest v0.116 release here

WhiteBox v0.99.0

Demo/trailer created for - and originally presented at - Handmade Seattle 2022


  • Window docking (& self-contained/popout windows on Win32)
  • Integrated internal console/terminal, including output on stdout & stderr captured from user code (e.g. printf)
  • Set cursor in editors directly from WhiteBox’s timeline (Visual Studio, Sublime Text, 4coder, VSCode)


  • Handle __fastfail
  • Add partial high-DPI support
  • Save most recent preferences profile between opens
  • Preview of argument lists sent to compiler
  • Multiple small UX improvements


  • std[out|err|in] appearing as invalid pointers (arbitrary global data from DLLs coming soon)
  • Large files being prevented from saving (HT: @flysand, @bogez57)
  • Slew of warning messages from Windows system headers
  • Notepad++ plugin showing up in menu as Chinese characters & not loading (HT: @HAT, @ivn, @johnstein)
  • Crash resizing window bigger than the monitor
  • Lots of miscellaneous bugs


whitebox-win-linux-latest.zip 70 MB
Version v0.99.0 Dec 02, 2022
whitebox-win-linux-v0.99.0.zip 71 MB
Version v0.99.0 Dec 02, 2022

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Thank you, great update! The dockable and movable windows and the internal console made a big difference in usability for me!

Oh fantastic! Thank you for letting us know 😀