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Watch how your code behaves as you write it.

Humans are not good at simulating code in their heads. Let the computer do what it's going to do anyway: run the code!

WhiteBox is a software development tool that compiles runs and “debugs” your C(++) code live to report its execution patterns and data transforms.

Why is that useful?

Faster iteration

Seeing what functions will do lets you quickly adjust when you're not quite happy with what you see.

More iterations tend to lead to a higher-quality product.

Fewer errors

Notice basic runtime errors before you compile-and-run.

Spend less time in the debugger because you've already caught many bugs early on.

Improved understanding

Multiple representations of your running functions each show useful information that you don't (or can't) get from statically looking at the linearly written code.

Supported Languages

WhiteBox is initially being developed for C and C-style C++ with plans to expand to other compiled languages.


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Join the community (and get access to the alpha): https://discord.gg/xHgepxM

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Pre-order Now$50.00 USD or more

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